Sunday, July 24, 2011

That's all she wrote

The tacking battle was won by Walkabout when Doug played two back to back shifts as a tug and barge came through. Panacea and Jeroboam took the wrong side of those shift and ended up scraping it out for a while. I got lucky with a shore skirt by Two Bush Island and managed to get ahead of Pancea but in the end, we simply ran out of time. This race has a time limit of 3:00 pm today and unfortunately Jeroboam had not yet crossed the finish line. Normally I would be scored DNF (did not finish) but this race asks all skippers to record their position at the time limit and boats are scored accordingly even though they didn't finish. I won't know the results for a bit as immediately upon recording and reporting my position at 3, I u-turned for Marblehead. I would expect Scott Miller of Resolute to win the single handed division but we'll have to wait and see the official results. Peter McCrea on Pancea probably came in second but I'll post the official results when I have them.
I think my biggest mistake of the race was not playing my VMG by the numbers once I rounded Cape Anne. In hindsight it was awfully foolish to take that big of a flyer so early in the race. The magnitude of the gamble far outweighed the hedge against the weather and I ended up on the wrong side. Then I over compensated a little there after but the bulk of the damage was already done. Panacea sailed a great race, not letting me get by him until late this morning. Doug Pope on Walkabout had a good recovery following some issues at the start and of course Scott cleaned house on elapsed time and possibly corrected as well with his very speedy J/122.
I'm in route to Marblehead now with the insult of a southwesterly breeze filling in just as I'm trying to get out of Penobscot Bay. Forecast is calling for a NE shifting to SE breeze so hopefully that won't be long in coming. I need to make some time.

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