Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rounded Cape Anne

We've had some light air out here as we worked around Cape Anne. Resolute is most certainly still in the lead and the farthest East at this point. Panacea is pretty much on the rhumbline, perhaps wing and wing as I've often seen Peter do. Walkabout made a good recovery after some spin pole issues and is moving up the rhumbline nicely. Then we have Bluebird and I, sailing the furthest West of the line at present and I'm not convinced we're doing ourselves any favors as it looks like the other guys might have more consistent breeze as they get East and further away from land.
I'm not so much worried about the race at this point as the flies have literally taken over my boat. I would ballpark their numbers in the hundreds and they don't appear fased by Jungle Juice with 98% DEET which is the best I can throw at them. Next I go on the hunt with a spray bottle of Windex. I bet I kill 100 of them in the next hour before running out.
Forecast show the breeze slowing filling in from the SW then W then NW over the next 12 hours so we'll see if this flyer to the west pays off as I work the spinnaker around the northern edge of the rhumbline.

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  1. Personally, I'm glad you had a "fly issue" as well. Resolute played host to hundreds of them when we left Marblehead (I hadn't noticed a single one until after the start). And unlike you, I didn't have any repellent. Once were offshore, I was the only thing on the menu. I swatted and killed perhaps a dozen, but they were after me for the entire race. Next race provisioning trip: DEET!