Saturday, July 9, 2011

John Masefield, Sea Fever

A buddy of mine is racing to Halifax doublehanded tomorrow if you're interested in following along:

Begin forwarded message:

So, Peter Dowd and I are racing doublehanded to Halifax.  Race begins at about 1pm, probably later for our class. Should you wish to follow us and see if we can avoid last place for a change, you can do so on the iBoat web site, which will broadcast from every boat a position report about every hour or so. What you see will be delayed about an hour from real time.  On their website, click off to the right on the 2011 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race Mapper.  Boats will be listed by class (not sure which we are, yet), but our boat name is Whisper, with sail number 52648, and our division is PHRF Racing.  There will probably be a couple classes within that.  All boats have a handicap used to calculate finish position so the actual position in the race does not indicate the corrected position.  For you technophiles, the corrected boat time = actual time (650/(550 + PHRF handicap)) 
PHRF handicaps might be listed on the race web site, although I have not yet seen them.
There are about 90 boats in the race, but only about 8-10 have crews sufficiently antisocial to want do it doublehanded!
Also, I may keep a contemporaneous blog if I have the time, energy, and enthusiasm (absence of wind could definitely dampen it) that you may access at  Or, just Google tomandaddie.

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