Saturday, July 23, 2011

And We're Off & Running

Well the wind piped up enough for a start after a brief delay. I think we got off around 10:30 or so. Unfortunately the breeze has dropped off again so we're on a slow run for our next mark, the Londoner daymark at the SE corner of Cape Anne. Jeroboam had a good start, with only Doug Pope's Tartan 10 Walkabout crossing the line before me but Doug had trouble setting his kite so I soon passed him. In short order Resolute passed me, guns blazing. Resolute is the J-122 skippered by Scott Miller and is by far the fasted boat among the single handed class. Peter McCrea's Freedom 32 is hot on my heals, working well down wind with his big main and spinnaker flying and Gust Stringos's Morris 36 is off my stearn with his big reg kite flying. I just gybe over but am not close to makeing the Londoner mark so I've got some more gybes in my future. 

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