Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sun Comes Up Over Bermuda

Well sports fans the day has finally arrived when we can unhitch from the dock and head out for the doublehanded return race. Just in the nick of time too. Race participants are certainly worse for the wear from this seemingly innocent island paradise as motor scooter accidents and jelly fish stings have left their marks on a third of the fleet. Another third are reeling from an overload of rum swizzles and dark n' stormies and the final third are bleary eyed from the revelry of celebrating the Bruins win last night. I think we're all happy to get back to the business of racing.

Weather looks like we'll get a little bit of everything over the first 48 hours with a nice southwesterly filling in over much of the course thereafter. Stream features south of the main body will likely throw some adverse current on and east of the rhumb line so you'll probably see most of the fleet trying to work west right out of the gate. There was some banter around the porch yesterday about whether we'd see any boats take a flyer to the far east in search of some favorable current but it's a long haul out that way for what might only amount to a knot or knot and a half.

Jeroboam is in fine shape for the return leg. Keane and I scrubbed the bottom yesterday, went up the mast and checked everything out, squared everything away down below and set up the deck gear. Class 1 starts at 12 atlantic time/11 eastern, then class 2 at 12:10, class 3 12:20, class 4 at 12:30, class 5 at 12:40.

I'll try to post updates a couple times a day in route.

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