Friday, June 3, 2011

Outside the Bay in Lumpy Seas

Fun start with plenty of wind. I didn't see any spinnakers pop until we were around Brenton Reef outside Narragansett Bay. In class 4, Peter McCrea on Panacea easily had the best start with more a couple boat lengths lead. Jeroboam had a bad round up in one of the Bay gusts, which almost carried me right into the path of Bluebird but thanksfully he was able to stay clear of me. I guess flying that staysail was enough to put me over.
Outside the bay the wind has diminished slightly, around 10 kt apparent over my right shoulder. There are some damned lumpy seas out here which makes the spinnaker go pop everytime if deflates then reinflates. One of my key strategies was not to destroy it too early so hopefully it can continue to take a beating.
Had a bad snap shackle on the spin sheet. I should have taken the hint the first time it let go but instead I got to experience the thrill of a flogging spin twice. And looking the port spin sheet to the sea. Plenty of excitment for the first three hours of racing; some might say too much excitement.
Might try to grab a 30 minute snooze.

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