Monday, June 6, 2011


Rough day on the race course. In gusty conditions and a lumpy sea state, it's really hard to fly a kite single handed. The autopilot just don't do a good enough job while I'm trimming or if I'm at the helm that leaves my imaginary friend to do the trimming for me and he sucks at it. When the gusts start coming once every two minutes, it becomes an exercise in futility as almost each gust produces a round up, even with the chicken chute. 8-12 with gusts to 20 can get old fast.
At the heart of the issue is that I've been trying to go dead downwind all day. I tried everything I could to keep my vmg up but I kept getting disappointing results. I tried all three spinnakers and every combination of sail I could think of just can't seem to get downwind fast enough. Then to add insult to injury, I hit not one but two holes today. Not dead in the water pull your hair out holes but holes bothersome enough that all I could envision was  Bluebird and Stummer happily streaming along at hull speed while I dwautled.
The combination that produced the best vmg today was to wing out the 140% jib and run dead down. My cruising years paying dividends or clouding my judgment?

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