Saturday, June 4, 2011

On A Run

The NW breeze died a bit mid morning but is back in force. I'm going about as fast as this little camper can go! As Slocum might say of his Spray "this is grand sailing. Her finest work."
There's one other boat in the neighborhood but I've not been able to make out which it is, perhaps Choucas? I thought I was gaining on him for a bit but I think the shoe is on the other foot now.
At some point I need to work my way down to my preferred entry into the gulf stream. I wasn't able to run the altimetry model through my slow Iridium 9555 sat phone connection this morning so I'm using yesterday's model. Not the most ideal scenario as the changes from the day before yesterday to yesterday were substantial. Anyway, based what's available to me, I'm shooting for 37 degrees 15 minutes N, 068 degrees 30 minutes W for my stream entry point.

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