Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Maybe the leader board isn't such a great thing to be downloading mid-race. I was just comparing our position to the boats in front of us and between 6 PM yesterday and 2 AM this morning and it doesn't get much more disheartening than that. Cordelia pick up 21 miles on us, Choucas 24, Adhara 19, Ariana 10! Ouch! That's painful. I guess the breeze was filling in from the north, eh?
Well the good news is that the breeze did indeed finally fill in for us about an hour ago and we're making good time for Newport with hopes of finishing before sundown today but we'll see if the forecast holds true.
I'm completely impressed with Cordelia's performance. First, to have the guts to take a big gamble on the easterly flyer but then to pull it off and be making a mad dash for the finish line with the distinct possibility of a really big win in their future. Wow. Hat's off to Gail and Roy.

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