Friday, June 17, 2011

Great breeze, nice ride

After a tough night of wallowing around in little wind, we gradually got going again, first in a northeasterly, then easterly and now a southeasterly, as if yesterday's clock should have been forecasted for today. Indeed, the latest grib file shows it to be so forecasted, extending all the way through the night until the stronger southwesterly will take over by tomorrow night. We're still trying to get east out of this head current so we'll likely gybe early to get some easting then ride the lift all night long.
A quick look at the leader board shows Windswept coming up fast behind us and they're already pretty far east, presumably out of the adverse current. We'll need to really stay focused tonight to remain ahead of those guys. Bluebird isn't too far off either so we're feeling plenty of pressure here on Jeroboam.
There are some other boats in the neighborhood - we were trading blows with Tyger Tyger last night and today and there's been a mini in our tail all day who is making great strides on us now that they've launched their chute. We're pressing down in the gusts and trying to keep J-Bomb flying!

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