Sunday, June 5, 2011

Enter the Gulf Stream

Definitely in the main body of the stream at this point. All the tell tail signs are there: huge cross track error, cobalt blue water, dolphins. Not to mention the big seas. I had a 30 second sustained surf down the face of monster wave with the chute up that had me screaming in both delight and dread at the same time. 13.5 knots was recorded on that one. Wow. Not bad for a Beneslow, even if it wasn't sustained.
I'm pretty well beat at this point. My body feels like I've been in a poorly chosen bar room brawl with the German Olympic wrestling team. Trimming the kite for hours on end is unbelievably tiring. Then my knee cap went head to head with a turning block and provided some real gore for the trip. That scream was in pain and I-can-not-believe-that-just-happened-disbelief.
There's a couple stream features I want to play on the other side of the main body but I'm moving so fast east that I'm afraid I'll miss one of them. I'll have to see where I end up on the other side. I'm not about to gybe and try to head into it so unless the wind shifts a little further east, I'm kind of stuck with my present course. Glad I entered a little further West.

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