Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another day lights up the seaway

We finally got the wind shift we were originally expecting for Thursday, only it wasn't the slow and gradual forecasted, rather two big shift over a three hour period. We're plunking along fairly hard to the breeze as it clocked all the way to the west while we work our way toward our entry point for the main body of the stream. We've been socked badly by the current on this run but we've been in good company so I guess we're not the only ones.
As soon as we're west of the rhumb line and hopefully clear of a river of adverse current in that vicinity, we'll crack off 10 degrees and shoot for our stream entry point at 36 degrees 48.7 minutes N, 68 degrees 45.3 minutes W. It's still a long way off so I won't predict arrival time at the stream but hopefully by tomorrow night.
I checked the leader board and Toothface looks to be having a brilliant run. Well done Mike & Ken! We're really going to have to work some magic to even come close to correcting near those guys.

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