Thursday, June 16, 2011

And they're off to the races!

Great start for Jeroboam, no complaints here. We saw a lot more wind on the south side of the harbor so we did a leeward start and managed to come up hard on the rest of the class, sneaking in front just before the Town Cut. It was nice to show Panacea our stern after Peter did so to me on the way out of Newport.
Now as far as the route goes, I know I know, I said we were going to head west of the rhumb line but we just can't get over there right now. The wind is out of the NW and occasionally oscillates to the west, right where we'd like to go to get out of this facial current. Forecast is calling for a clocking breeze but it just hasn't happened yet so we'll continue to take it on the chin until the shift.
We're presently among a bunch of class 3 boats which does wonders for our ego as they started 10 minutes before us. Who said Jeroboam can't point!

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