Monday, May 9, 2011

First Full Training Weekend

Spent the weekend training, first doing all the required safety drills with my crew mate John Keane on Saturday, then focused on performance Sunday. Even with the boat not quite yet in full performance trim, Jeroboam was at or very close to speed targets at every point of sail, pleasing me to no end. Personally, I felt pretty rusty with some sloppy tacks and gybes on Sunday but managed not to break anything. Only have seven more full training days before the start but I'll get out after work here and there to do some drills when there's wind.

I came across a great post-race interview with Mike Hennessey of the Class 40 Dragon conducted by Joe Cooper following the 2009 Bermuda 1-2. It’s a little over 50 MB so it takes a few minutes to download and the sound quality is poor but worth a listen if you’re a Class 40 and/or Hennessey fan.

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