Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends & Family,

Yet another great year on the racing circuit here in New England, although the schedule was a bit less intense than last summer. The highlight was crewing for my buddy Nate on his J-46 and winning our double handed class in the Newport-Bermuda race. Training and preparing the boat required a great deal of time and effort in the spring and our hard work paid off. In our first race on his boat, Around Block Island over Memorial Day Weekend, we worked out a bunch of the kinks and by the time we crossed the starting line heading for Bermuda, we were in fantastic form and worked great as a team.

On my boat, Jeroboam, I entered the Newport Offshore 160 and the New England Solo/Twin, both single handed events, and managed to win my class. Spending the summer in Newport is always a blast and this year was no exception.

Last winter was a great introduction to winter hiking for me, bagging six peaks over 4,000 feet including Mt. Washington, the biggest one here in New England at 6,288 feet. I’m hoping to double the number of 4,000+ peaks this winter through day hikes, as I did last winter, as well as trying my hand at some overnight hikes. I tested the waters one weekend in November and had a lot of fun camping in the cold.

Next summer is another running of the Bermuda 1-2 race, held on odd years, and I’ve already begun training for it in the gym and sailing in the J-24 frostbiting series in Boston Harbor. Jeroboam is in good shape although I’ll need to spend a bunch of time on the bottom in the spring to get it race ready.

I recently added a bunch of photos to the website including hiking shots and some brilliant photos from our family trip to Alaska, the highlight of my travels this year (more to come). I’ll resurrect this blog as Bermuda 1-2 approaches and post in-race details there with a link to the onboard race tracker.