Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Newport-Bermuda & 2010 Schedule

ok sports fans, sorry for the delay in posting my schedule, or anything at all for that matter. Block Island Race went well for Seabisuit, my buddy's J-46 that we're racing pretty hard this summer. Good warm up race to get us into the groove and we managed to take fifth place in the double handed division out of 16 boats. Newport-Bermuda starts Friday and we're entered double handed along with 27 other boats. All the Class 40s piled on the DH division so we'll have our hands full trying to keep up with those guys. iBoatTrack is doing the race tracking so check it out here: Starting sequence begins 1350 on Friday, June 18th. Weather is shaping up to be very predictable with high pressure all around and a nice funnel of gulf stream current west of the rhumb line. Probably won't be posting anything in-race but will recap the event upon my return.

Other races on the docket for the Biscuit:
Down East Challenge
Monhegan Island Race
Northeast Harbor Race
Vineyard Race
Maine Rocks Race

Jeroboam races:
Newport Offshore 160
New England Solo/Twin
Ida Lewis Distance Race

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