Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas!
Dear Friends & Family,
I mailed & emailed cards to everyone I had addresses for but also wanted to post a brief holiday greeting here...
2009 was the year of yacht racing. Last season I saw some terrific potential in Jeroboam and spent the winter preparing to raise the stakes by outfitting the boat with lots of new gear. I entered seven races in 2009, five of which were new to Jeroboam, and saw class, division and/or fleet wins in all seven; way beyond any expectations of mine. The highlight was the first race of the season, Bermuda 1-2, my longest and most challenging. For those of you interested in this sort of thing, I posted detailed accounts of each to the left under 2009. I think I'll always look back at this racing season as one of my proudest achievements.
There were some other firsts this year including skiing the alps with my buddy Jorg. Megève and Chamonix were spectacular in both the ski and après-ski categories; entirely different experiences than skiing North America. We also managed to take a swing through Burgundy, my first tour of French wine country. Even in the off season, I found it quite beautiful.
In March, my family took a trip to Bonaire which included some fabulous diving, as usual. It was my third visit to the island and I still characterize it as the best scuba spot in the Caribbean.
This winter I'm hoping to ward off the boredom with some winter hiking. My Uncle Dave starting taking me up to the White Mountains when I was a kid and we're getting serious about making it a year round sport. Mountains that seem moderately difficult in the summer turn into extreme hiking experiences in the winter, offering terrific challenges. I also signed on for some more punishment with Russ Hancock & Co in the Boston Harbor J-24 frostbiting series so that should keep me busy. And Keane finally acquired a dry suit so we'll be lobster hunting all winter in Rockport and Gloucester.
I added lots of photos from this year's fun activities to the site so check them out. And let me know if you're in Boston anytime soon.
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Happy New Year! Etc!