Saturday, September 12, 2009

Race morning

I attended the pre-race function last evening at Northport Yacht Club and enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting others. It was obvious from many of the conversations that two factors will play significantly into the race: light air work and local knowledge, two areas of weakness on Jeroboam.

I didn't meet anyone else for whom this was their first Around Isleboro outing so I may be the only boat in the fleet who hasn't sailed through Bracketts Channel, a very narrow, very scary looking section of the race course on the south side of Isleboro.

But that's not the local knowledge of which I speak. Playing the light fluky winds deep in Penobscot Bay that will be very mysterious for an outsider like me apparently have a rhyme and/or reason to the sailors of Northport and Belfast. I shall make notes of hailing ports and value those directional hints over boats from other places.

I also have a lot of extra weight on board right now, perhaps as much as 600 pounds more weight than I had for my last race. I don't have my car up here which normally serves as my storage shed for cruising gear during a race so there's a lot of excess junk I have to lug around; particularly detrimental given the light wind forecast.

Someone said there may be 40 boats entered but perhaps as few as 4 racing single handed. Skippers meeting in one hour.

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