Thursday, September 17, 2009

I can't believe this is the last race of the season

It seams like just yesterday I was gearing up for Bermuda 1-2, the first one of the season. Prep is going well for Maine Rocks. I've laid in a good supply of baked goods, scrubbed the bottom (thanks Zoe's housemate), and secured storage for some of my cruising gear (thanks Doug). Skippers meeting is tomorrow evening and all systems are go. Should be a quick race with the forecast as it stands but of course that could change at any moment. I'm going into this last race with 160 prepaid minutes on my sat phone so I ask that everyone call or send a text message sometime between 10am Sat and 6pm Sun to help me use them up. This is a blatant test to see who is reading this stupid blog besides my Mom.

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