Sunday, September 20, 2009

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

So it's true, my mom is the only one who reads this? I've received about 50 text messages on my sat phone in the last 24 hours, all signed "Mom" though I doubt she alone was this industrious. My Uncle Dave was the only one out of the loop on that practical joke, signing his own name. To the rest of you clowns, thanks, your messages were hilarious. One of my favorite (that's suitable for publishing): "Celebrate the end of the season sensibly Jon and make sure you brush you teeth tonight. Love, Mommy" It was either a well coordinated effort by many or the raving outlet to one person's intense boredom.

The race went well, although I think it was my worst start ever. My autopilot decided to go into standby mode on the line and I back winded my jib, turning the boat into another's way. The collision was clearly my fault and while the damage didn't look bad, it was very embarrassing nonetheless and required a 360 to exonerate myself from the foul. I was rather out of sorts once I crossed the starting line but managed to shake it off and battle back from last place. I think the awards ceremony is around 6 or 7 so we'll see how I did then. Fingers crossed.

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