Saturday, July 11, 2009

The unposted entry: Wake up call

Apparently this entry never reached my blog. I attempted to post it on Tuesday, July 7th: A boat in our class named Narada just hove into sight; a boat we owe time to. That doesn't bode well. We also downloaded the fleet position data but it appears that most of the boats aren't even listed on the report, in fact half the boats in our class are not listed, including us, so I wonder if the tracking site is even working. We finally got that Southeast breeze we were hoping for which is lifting us toward Brazil Rock. Timing is everything here as the currents run rather swift past the Southwest tip of Nova Scotia and can either help you nicely or hurt you dramatically. If we can't make it in there by the time the current is favorable around 3 AM, we'll probably tack away to where there's less of an effect, though adding miles to our route.

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