Saturday, June 20, 2009

When cruising boats race

All those cruisers out there know what it's like to fly an asymmetrical from their bow anchor roller, and we all wonder just how long that thing is going to handle the load it was meant to handle, but only in the other direction. We found out yesterday. The whole front portion sheared away in a jagged aluminum wreck but thankfully it didn't leave behind a gapping hole in the bow, nor are we planning to anchor anytime soon so all's well for now.

We had a great run for about 12 hours at 8+ knots, some of Jeroboam's finest work. The wind nosed around on us a bit this afternoon so we're beating now at a slightly slower pace but hope to return to a fine reach and more close-to-hull-speed action as the wind backs. The big question mark is the low pressure system that's going to be just South of New England soon. I think most of the fleet might be shying away to the west but that's where the first of the wind on the nose will be so I'm tempted to head right for it, catching some of the more favorable wind angles, albeit lighter air. We still have some time to think about it so no decisions have been made yet.

All in all, a grand start to the race. In plenty of breeze, which we've had, Jeroboam typically does well relative to her competition so I'm hoping we're at least even with them at this point. Charge!


  1. You're in the lead and farther north than anyone else. The closest is Bluebird and you appear to be walking away from her. Keep going!