Monday, June 29, 2009

There's no place like Halifax. There's no place like Halifax. There's no place like Halifax.

If only Auntie Em could see us now. I added a Bermuda 1-2 section to the site with some race analysis, photos and video. Halifax prep continues at a brisk pace but I keep adding stuff to my list and with time so short, something's going to give. Here's my punch list:
- Replace main outhaul
- Replace bow roller plate
- Fix winch assembly issue
- Up the mast, inspect rig, standing rigging, radar dome, reflector, mast head, etc.
- Tune rig
- New turnbuckle pins
- Chafe protection on shrouds
- Refer clasp
- Fix aft cabin leak
- Plug mast base leak
- New jib sheet
- Reinforce port laz shelf
- Clean & dry out boat
- Get more spyder line
- Repair weather cloth
- Need more 5200 fast cure
- Recalibrate speedo
- Clean/inspect bilge
- Engine check out
- Return traveler car
- Scrub bottom
- Secure nav station trianchor plate
- Inspect all autopilot wiring
- Anchor locker shelf protection
- Get more tape
- Fix leaking portlights
- Fix deck nav lights

To make things more interesting, Hawthorne Cove tossed me off their dinghy dock even though I only use it about a week between June and September and Marblehead told me to find my own pre-race mooring. It's easy to feel like the underdog when everyone's against you.

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