Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rolling Rolling Rolling

As "Big Boat Craig" likes to say, it's a matter of keeping the bus moving. Nice breeze on the port quarter with the big asym flying is yielding 7-8 kts of SOG. (for the non boaters among you, that's good). I intend to enter the gulf steam at 38 degrees 30 minutes North latitude, 068 degrees 40 minutes West longitude where the main body of the stream dips Southward a bit and will hopefully provide an additional knot or two of VMG. At my current rate of speed, I should reach it around sundown. There's one more stream feature I might play, a cold water eddy Northwest of Bermuda, the West side of which may yield a knot or two of favorable current. It will take me fairly West of the rum line so I'll wait a day or two before deciding so I can get a decent wind forecast for the area before I trek over there.

When I looked at the web site on Friday morning prior to the start, I noticed that they didn't have the class breakdown posted. For those of you interested in tracking my competition, here's a list of boat names and their skippers:

Bluebird, Gust Stringos Curlew, Brian Guck Glory, Allerton Cushman, Jr. Mirari, Dan Stadtlander Nimros, Douglas Shearer Panacea, Peter McCrea Robin, Douglas Campbell Williwaw, Rusty Duym Windswept, Rick McCally

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