Monday, June 15, 2009

Race Prep Progress

Great progress made on Jeroboam since finishing leg 1: -reinforce the gooseneck -replenish water/fuel -repair small leak at mast base -replace spin sheet snapshackle -reduce chafe between jib furl base and forestay entry point into anchor locker -acquire more ripstop tape -replace clips on salon lee cloth -rewire compass light -replace turning block sheave -engine check, replace belt -autopilot off course alarm issue dealt with -repair main furl line feed plate -acquire blue tape -try out new traveler (fail) -lube & grease winches -go up the mast, check all standing rigging -check tape on lifelines & standing rigging -buy a new toothbrush

Tuesday we'll see if Doyle made any progress on the spinnaker repair and do some laundry/food prep and Wednesday I'll scrub the bottom and put some ideas together for a return strategy. It's all coming together!

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