Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Finish

For those of you following the race on, you might have guessed that I finished yesterday afternoon just before 4. I'm very pleased with the result, although what exactly that is I don't know yet. Official finish times for some key boats have yet to come in so the final standings have not yet been released, and may not until tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The boat faired very well. I have a managable list of repairs/upgrades I need to get done prior to the start of the return race on Thursday of next week in addition to the usual pre-race work like scrubbing the bottom, food prep, safety equipment review, systems checks, etc. The photo above is taken at the final approach to the finish line - you can just barely make out the island on the horizon. And the video below is one of the porpoises off the bow on Saturday at dawn. I'll post my final race results when it's available, perhaps today but definately tomorrow.

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