Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And now we play the waiting game

Well the asym blew up again and just in case I need it one last time, I went after the tear frostbiting style with about 30 yards of duct tape. I doubt it will last very long but I may not even need it.

The wind is very light but on the nose so I'm just gently making my way toward Kitchen Shoal, NE of St George Harbour. I had hoped the wind would hold out but there's just not a lot going on out here for the moment. Thankfully there's a half knot of current helping me along and the breeze is just enough to fill the sails. The forecast indicated it would fill in from the SW or W later this morning but we shall see. I'm about 15 miles from Bermuda and still hope to finish today though it certainly won't be this morning.

I found a new use for the smaller spinnaker last night that I'm very excited about. The shape doesn't indicate it would be of any use in this capacity but I found it to be a productive reaching spinnaker, producing 5.5 knots of boat speed from 8 knots of apparent wind speed at an apparent wind angle of 72 degrees. My 140% genoa was only capable of propelling the boat at about 4.5 knots under similar conditions. If the wind keeps clocking on me this morning, I may have an opportunity to pull it out again which would be fun.

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