Friday, May 29, 2009

Bermuda 1-2 Boat inspection on Monday

I think I’m basically done with boat prep. This is Jeroboam’s first category one race so there was a lot to do for her to qualify. Here’s a partial list:

-          New lifelines, without the plastic coating

-          Lee cloths for sleeping heeled over

-          Emergency drinking water packets for abandon ship bag

-          A second manual bilge pump

-          Mechanical bilge pump that runs off the engine

-          Masthead tricolor LED w/ emergency battery hook up

-          Emergency VHF antenna

-          New radar reflector with > 10m^2 reflection

-          Sail number painted on bow

-          Wood plugs for all thru hull fittings

-          Cockpit clip in points

-          New fire extinguishers

-          Flashlights – race requires 5…strange considering I can only use one at a time

-          Beefed up first aid kit and manual

-          Paper and electronic charts of Bermuda

-          Alternative rudder

-          MOB pole and all that goes with it

-          EPRIB

-          Liferaft

-          SOLAS flares, smoke signals

-          Heaving line

-          Cockpit knife

-          Storm jib & storm trysail

-          New autopilot

-          Another asymmetrical spinnaker

-          90 Db alarm wired to boat systems

-          Upgraded navigation software

-          Satellite phone

-          A bunch of new running rigging

-          GPS upgrade

-          New genoa and main sail

-          Weather cloths w/ race numbers


Hopefully I’ll pass the inspection on Monday morning and can spend the balance of the week working on strategy, giving the bottom one last scrub, provisioning, practicing and tying up some loose ends.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The automatic text message to blog feature is kind of funny. It will certainly keep my entries brief.